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Monday, March 30, 2015

# 7 of 62 Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas

#7. Chocolate of the Month Club!
Give Mom a gift of Year Round Chocolates that will keep her smiling through each month of the year with these amazing chocolates!

Chocolate of the Month Club

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Amazing Apricot Story and amazing Springtime tea

I recently wrote an article about my little apricot tree in my home orchard. You should click here read the article and then come back and purchase this amazing tea from one of our affiliates.

Uniq Tea Apricot Iced Tea Pouches 6ct

Uniq Tea Apricot Iced Tea Pouches 6ct

Uniq Tea Apricot Iced Tea Pouches 6ct Box contains black tea bags that brew a sweet and satisfying apricot flavored iced tea perfect for a summer day.

4-62 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Numi Organic Tea Flowering Gift Set in Handcrafted Mahogany Bamboo Chest: Glass Teapot & 6 Flowering Tea Blossoms

Mom will love the Fresh flower display with every pot of tea that she brews, remembering what a thoughtful gift that you gave her.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

2-62 Unique Mother's Day Gift and Adventure Idea

2. New York TV and Movie Sites Tour
Is Mom a movie or TV show fanatic? This is just the Mother’s Day gift to make it a memorable one. Your day will begin promptly at 11am and will take you across New York.
You will want make your reservations early and you will sure to be on Mom’s Favorite List for the rest of the year! From the hotel that was featured in American Hustle, to the apartment building where we all became Friends with Friends.
There are Lots of Tour Options available, and are subject to availability. The early worm gets Mom the best seat on the Tour! Click on the link provided and check it out year round.

New York TV & Movie Sites

New York TV & Movie Sites

New York TV & Movie Sites Ticket: Child

For a complete up-to-date list of gift and adventure Ideas please see article 62 Unique Mother's Day Gift and Adventure Ideas in the right side column under articles of interests section.

Monday, March 23, 2015

62 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas and Mother’s Day Adventures One new idea will be add each day

Over the course of the next 62 days until Mother’s Day we will be providing ample notice to make this Mother’s Day the most special of all for your Mom or Other Mother in your life.

You will need to follow our daily posts to get all 62 unique Ideas to Make this Mother’s Day Extra Special for Mom!

1. Plan a Mother’s Day adventure, but you need to stay making your reservations NOW. If you have a large family gathering in mind for Mother’s Day, you should check out this amazing website. On the link provided you can find the perfect accommodations for the entire family. Whether your family is large or small, you will not believe the savings that people find rent a house for a few day or weeks, compared to hotel or motel accommodations. You can find a cabin in Kansas or a Rock and Roll Orlando home for the entire family gathering. Click on the link below., Vacations with more room.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cool New Clothes and Accessories Check out the Just For Kids Line

The age of boring monotone outfits is long gone and the new style is daring outfits that make both personal and fashion statements. Be Wild Just for Kids is an online harbor for the most adventurous clothes and accessories that will make your child the most uniquely dressed among all the neighborhood kids. Anything from Tuxedo t-shirts, chain wallets, UFO pants, uniquely and confidently designed hoodies and original shirts can be bought at this extra ordinary online store. One thing is sure, whatever you get here you will not get anywhere else. It is extremely exceptional.

Martin Luther King I Have a Dream 1963 Toddler T-shirt
Martin Luther King I have A Dream 1963 Toddler T-Shirt
No time is too early to start familiarizing your little world with the greatest men in history. Backed with the story behind the words of Martin Luther King, your child will be inspired at an early age to act on his dreams by knowing what others did before.
Parents will be amazed when the kid struts around bearing some of the most famous words of all times. If you want your child to grow knowing his or her roots and exploits before him, buy him this visionary themed black t-shirt and start him off on his learning journey! Take initiative, get one today!

Math’s Equation Kid’s T-shirt
Math is a part of your child’s life. That means kids will fall in love with this imprint especially those who love math. Those who do not will look smarter adorning it. Parents will love this as a gift for their child as it will improve the child’s attitude toward math in general. It is also made of pure cotton ensuring your child’s comfort. Whether your little one is a girl or a boy you can hurry and get this unique t-shirt while stocks last! Let your child know that math too can be fun and stylish by buying this today!

Happiness is the Truth Youth T-shirts
Happiness Is The Truth - Kid's T-Shirt
What a better thing for your child to wear on his or her body than a model t-shirt with a comfortable fit with a timeless message. Literally this t-shirt will make your child happy because it spreads the message of happiness. Parents adore having smiles on their precious one’s faces so this is the best they can give.
Again, the shirts do not shrink as they are made pre-shrunk. If you are looking for a gift that will motivate your child positively, buy this today while stocks last and let your child spread joy and happiness around while you watch satisfactorily!

I’ve Got Swag like My Uncle Kid’s Shirt
This snug luxurious purely cotton t-shirt comes in a variety of colors that you can choose. It is one of the any humorous line imprinted t-shirts that will have your kid and their friends cracking their ribs in laughter.
Parents love this as it helps them teach their kids not to take life too seriously. It can be multifunctional worn at school, parties or at home on weekends. If you want your kid to look extremely great and get people laughing, then order one or two now! Each line is sure to have even you laughing.

Dad Says I Can’t Date Till I’m 30 Kids T-shirt
Printed in a wide range of colors, these T-shirts are just the thing for daily used. Suitable for both girls and boys, they carry the timeless joke about fathers and dating. They are really stylish and made purely of comfy cotton. Your child will happily wear them for that bold look. Parents adore this line because most parents dread having their children date at early ages. Should you want some unique comfortable t-shirts with this bold message, get some now!
There are many other unique products specifically suited to meet your kid’s needs such as tuxedo, pop-pop’s/mum’s little rebel, what happens at grandma’s stays at grandma’s and I love my daddy t-shirts.

With Be Wild online store Just for Kids Clothes, you are sure to get something that makes a statement while bringing to you quality comfort and fun in your child’s life. A couple of these products will get you dubbed the most up to date parents and your kids the coolest dressed both at home, events and school. Life is too short to be wearing dull clothes, so let us help you and your kid to be wild safely!

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Before you Begin your Spring and Summer Outdoor adventures, read this first

Motorcycle Insurance
The sweet sound of the engine rattling to life seduces you; your pulse rate goes high with every digit that gets added to your speedometer as your eyes remain glued to the road ahead, unfazed. For some biking is fun, for many, it is a religion. But one thing they all invariably need is bikers insurance. It gives you the freedom to savor your long bike trips without worries.

While you take care of riding, the insurance takes care of you and your unique biking needs. A comprehensive insurance can provide covers ranging from accidental liabilities to repairs to protection against stealth. You need a biking insurance as much as your bike needs you. Claim your freedom, lend your worries to the insurance companies, get your biking insurance today! Our new customers report average savings of $522 on car insurance! Click Here!

ATV insurance

Are you an adventure enthusiast? Do rugged terrains thrill you? If yes, then you call for an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV). While an ATV ride is surely exciting, mudslinging on an insured ATV ride is most exciting. Typically your home- owner's insurance may not cover your ATV if you ride it off your property to some another location. Also, ATVs have high rates of theft and this makes ATV insurance as important as the protective gear you wear.

ATV insurance comes with various covers like Collision coverage, Property and bodily damage liability coverage including legal defense against lawsuits in event of an accident, physical damage coverage against theft, fire or vandalism and medical payments coverage for the cost you incur in the fair treatment of an accident. Do not compromise with your freedom or fun. Get you own ATV insurance today.

Boaters Insurance

There is nothing like a small voyage into the open seas in your own personal boat. An expression of marked elegance and opulence, a man who has a boat is every girls dream. All that you ever need for an undeterred maritime expedition are 2 things; a boat and boaters insurance. While the former keeps you afloat on the waters the latter keeps the former afloat always.Our new customers report average savings of $522 on car insurance! Click Here!

Boaters insurance insures you and your boat against liability and damage in the event of an accident. In most cases the boats fall outside the purview of your auto or home owner's insurance. In other cases where there is a limited coverage, it is as good as being not insured. Hence, you do need your own unique boaters insurance. Not only will it insure you boat in full and parts, it would also pay for cases of fuel spills and accidents incurred or inflicted by you or cost of hauls and in certain cases, coverage for your fishing equipment. Do sail, but sail safe. Get your boaters insurance today!

Personal Water craft (PWC) insurance

Combine the best of a bike and a boat and that what you get is a Personal water craft. A Part boat and a part motorcycle—but complete fun. Water scooters ,Wave Runners, Jet Ski, etc. are a few readily available forms of PWCs. Beat the summer heat on your PWC but don't let an accident beat you out of your ride. Get you own personal water craft Insurance and protect yourself and your personal water craft against accidents and liabilities regardless of whether you operate it yourself or loan it to a friend. The rate of accidents on Pwcs is high and so is the need for insurance. Giving you a comprehensive insurance cover against cases ranging from physical damage to fatalities and accidents, a PWC insurance is the most important part of your safety gear. The fun never stops atop a PWc and insurance would never let your PWC stop. Get your own PWC insurance todayOur new customers report average savings of $522 on car insurance! Click Here!

We are affiliate advertisers for this company and we hired a writer to write this article for us from a well respected content provider. Pastor Cammy writes articles as a freelance writer for this content provider, however this was written by another writer. We will only advertise companies and businesses that we feel are reputable and have the best offers.

We Highly recommend that small businesses make the small investment to freshen up your website content and hire an iwriter

Friday, March 13, 2015

Guided Tour of our New Blog and Shopping Site

Our first look is at Who we are “The Caffene Fiend” and the reason for the funny spelling of Caffene.
Next please notice the White arrows:

The Home Tab:  is the first page that you are now looking at on our blog.   

This is where you will find our latest posting and up-to-date information of what The Fiend has found this time.

Click here to Shop:  This is a direct link to the main shopping area of our site.   

While the first page shows our recommendations for the month, you can free search amazon’s product through the search tool provided.

We are simply affiliate advertisers submitting to you our recommendations on products that we purchase and recommend. We are in turn paid an advertising fee for any purchase that you make through us.

Ministry Blog Site:  This link tab will take you to our Ministry blog site.  On this blog site you will find that Pastor Cammy has provided a tremendous amount of scriptural and bible based teachings for anyone to read through.  You will see that it is a work in progress to get everything separated into our different areas of interest and services.

Coffee and Tea Shop:  This is a direct link to the Coffee, beverage and Dessert area with our recommendations for the month.  

This shopping site will change monthly to introduce you to the current monthly Food and Drink products that we recommend.

We are simply affiliate advertisers submitting to you our recommendations on products that are in amazon’s product inventory. 

We are in turn paid an advertising fee for any purchase that you make through us.

Next I would like to bring your attention to a way cool tool that Google has.  

I don’t know why all website don’t have this, but allow me to tell you about it.

The tab where the White arrow is directing your attention to in the above screen shot, is Google translate tool.  

That means that anyone anywhere can translate our blog into whatever language that your require. 

Now The Caffene Fiend can be translated into many different languages at the touch of a button.

The next area that we would like to bring your attention to is our Contact Form:

This form is a direct link to us at Finally Free Ministries and Pastor Cammy. 

Please feel free to send us your comments, suggests or input, we will respond to each message as quickly as possible.

We hope that you have enjoyed our introduction to our newest additions, and hope that you will shop through us often.

Friday, March 6, 2015

What a Long Strange Trip it has Been!

What a Long Strange Trip it has Been!

Well folks, we are back. In a different form from the way we started, but back nonetheless.

As most of you know, The Caffene Fiend went out of business due to my husband having a Spinal Cord injury that has left him as an incomplete quadriplegic.

Now that it has been some 2 years, and five months since the accident and LOTS of changes, I am finally starting to dig everything out of hibernation status.

This isn’t going to be a long post just now. I simply wanted to let everyone know that we are coming back.

But Not as Retail Coffee Roasters Through this blog site we will be providing you quality News and Reviews on where to find the best of the best in coffees and teas, as well as other gourmet food and drink items.

The Caffene Fiend LIVES and will be conducting weekly “coffee talks” again very soon! Please be sure to send us a message of encourage through the contact link at the top of right hand column of this page.

Also, since everything is changing, our online store has too. We have opened up an amazon store where you can purchase most everything that they carry. This provides us the best of both worlds.

Recommendations, News and Reviews on gourmet food and drink products and helping direct you where to purchase the products that we discuss.

Please shop Amazon through the Amazon Search box on the right hand column. Thank you for shopping through us!