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Expires April 22 2015

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Kenyan Kentucky Coffee Cake with Sweet Cream Icing

What do you do when you have Zero Milk, Zero Eggs, and not much of anything else either? Thanks to the internet, Pinterest and a little imagination, I say, Let’s Eat Cake!

I prepared this dual recipe cake with the following ingredients.

For the Cake:
3 cups of all-purpose flour
2 cups of white sugar
1 tsp baking powder
½ tsp baking soda
12 ounces of strong coffee previously brewed (we fresh roast our own coffee beans, and this time we had just ground and brewed a pot of Kenyan Coffee)
2-sticks of REAL BUTTER

New York Coffee Kenyan AA Peaberry Coffee Beans 5lb Bag

New York Coffee Kenyan AA Peaberry Coffee Beans 5lb Bag

For the Icing:
1/3 cup of REAL BUTTER
½ cup of white sugar
3 tablespoons of Strong Coffee previously brewed

I threw the cake all together mixing well with mixer, poured the batter into a 9x11 pan, placed it in a cold oven, set the temperature to 350 degrees and baked for 30 minutes.

Once the cake came out of the oven, I poked holes with a straw from one of the grandkids cups. I blew the cake out of the straw onto the counter that had gone up the straw from the holes that I made, and had my first sampling…yummy tube cake!

I then heated the ingredients for the Icing together on the stove, making sure that everything combined well.

I tried not to let it come to a boil, but I got busy and it was boiling pretty well on one side of the pan.

I poured the icing over the top of the cake making sure to fill each hole up to the top at least once.

I sprinkled decorator’s sugar crystals to brighten it up, and we have now eaten about half that puppy!